The Garden values and appreciates the involvement of volunteers. We understand that people volunteer for many reasons and we see volunteering as a mutual exchange. We aim to offer you new skills and positive experiences, as well as the Garden gaining from your input. Ultimately we see volunteers as people wanting to care for and celebrate the environment while building a supportive community.

Ways to Volunteer

  • come to monthly garden tucker sessions
  • come and help us with general garden maintenance on a Monday between 9-4
  • join us at a skills workshop
  • be creative in the garden with artworks and earth works
  • grow some cuttings or seedlings for us
  • organize a community event from the garden

Responsibilities of Garden Volunteers

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please fill in a  Garden Volunteer Registration Form (see a staff member for details) and sign the register every time you come onsite, so that we can make sure that we have you covered. Rules and guidelines enhance and ensure the smooth running of the Garden. Check them out on the shed wall and community garden notice board for our OH&S guidelines.

We encourage community gardeners to work safely, and to take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety by:

  • Working within their own personal limitations to avoid injury to themselves and others
  • Ensuring that they don’t overload wheelbarrows
  • Following back care guidelines when lifting
  • Keeping the garden area tidy
  • Wearing sun hats, sunscreen, gloves and protective footwear as required (sunscreen and gloves can be found in the shed)
  • Following guidelines on handling potting mix and compost – ie wear gloves and keep products moist to avoid breathing dusts and particles when handling. Wash hands immediately after use.

We encourage gardeners to ensure that their tetanus vaccinations are up to date.

Our garden is a great place for children but they do need to be supervised by parents or caregivers. Because of the risks of breathing in dust and particles, kids must not use the soil, compost or manure piles for digging in (there is a sand pit by the gum tree for digging), and should wear shoes at all times.

There is a first aid kit in the shed, please talk to the co-ordinators and complete an incident report form if any first aid is required.

Volunteers are encouraged to discuss ideas, visions and concepts with the coordinators so that the garden continues to evolve and grow from the voices of the community.

Social Events and Regular Gatherings

We encourage socialising together, to celebrate and embrace diversity. With the completion of a cob pizza oven onsite we hope to establish some seasonal festivities, where we can gather to share food and ideas.

Stay tuned for our Inagural Harvest Festival around Autumn Equinox.

“In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t control. In work, do what you enjoy…” Tao Te Ching