What memberships are available?

To shop at the Co-op, you need to join as a member. All members pay an annual membership fee of $20 ($15 concession) or join as lifetime members for $100. We also offer a quarterly membership for $5.

If you want to become a member, come to the Co-op during opening hours and our friendly cashiers will sign you up.

There are two membership options at the Okines Food Co-op:

• active membership

• non-active membership

What does it mean to be an active member?

Active members contribute to the Food Co-op by regularly volunteering 4-6 hours per month. Volunteers are essential for the Co-op to operate, as we have very limited funds to pay staff. Usually volunteers work in teams, and we aim to share tasks at the Co-op as fairly as possible.

As an active member you receive a discount on most products. When you join the Co-op, let us know if you want to be active, and we provide you with more information!