Welcome to the Garden

Our community garden is next to Okines Community House at 540 Old Forcett Road, Dodges Ferry. We’ve established a local provenance garden with species significant to our area. Raised garden beds for growing fruits and vegetables, a herb labyrinth, fruit trees and mosaics and more. We hold regular workshops and working bees. Our garden project officers are on site Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

You can contact us by email at 

Organic Gardening

Care for soil and for biodiversity are at the heart of the organic practices used within the Garden. We promote waste minimization and nutrient cycling. The garden demonstrates composting techniques that can be adopted at home. We only use organic pest control and aim to grow an abundance of organic produce. Provide lots of examples of what can be done in the home garden. We also have areas set aside for native gardens to encourage biodiversity in our community.


Living in a community not connected to a mains water system, we have the opportunity to become leaders in water efficiency. Taking responsibility for what we use by coming up with creative and inventive ways to reduce and collect water for our usage.


The Garden aims to use Permaculture principles and design techniques. We are constantly redesigning the Garden, creating a communal space which draws people in making them feel welcome. This provides many forms of inspiration for all its visitors.


We live in an amazing location, with a diversity of people and cultures. The philosophy of the Garden is that we treat each other with dignity and respect. The Garden is a place where everyone is equal, no matter what the colour of your flowers, the size of your fruit or the slant of your shrub.


Email is our main means of communicating about what’s on in the Garden. If you don’t have an email address look out for these things:

  • the notice board under the Garden shed for community events and info
  • the blackboards under the Garden shed have current info about what to plant, and what jobs are on the go in the Garden.
  • keep your eyes on the billboard sign at the school’s entrance on Old Forcett Road for upcoming events
  • the Okines Community Newsletter, Dodges Ferry Primary School Newsletter and Sorell Times are other places we advertise info on upcoming workshops/working bees and events

Or simply pop in for a cuppa and chat any time we are around, we would love to meet you.