Welcome to the Food Co-op

Okines Food Co-op is a non-for-profit group in Dodges Ferry. We give members access to bulk, largely organic wholefoods, and support Tasmanian producers.

What are we about?

Our Values

  • Community inclusivity: We work together as a team of volunteers and staff, are kind and patient, share the work equitably, and welcome diversity.
  • Ethically sourced products: Where possible our products are predominantly organic, locally produced, and incur minimal waste or impact on the environment.
  • Collective learning: We share ideas, listen to learn, transfer knowledge, keep refining our practices, and are mindful of our limitations.

Our Mission:

To build community:

  • We offer a social community experience by bringing people together when shopping, sharing healthy food, skills, and knowledge.

To promote environmental responsibility:

  • We reduce packaging and waste, the distance we travel to shop, and provide a place for people to sell their produce locally.

To promote healthy living:

  • We offer healthy wholefood products, raise consciousness for a fulfilled life that is focussed on the essentials, and are mindful of each other’s wellbeing.

Our Vision:

To sustain:

  • We continue to be a place where community connects, participates, and grows.

To grow:

  • We aim to increase our opening hours, product range, paid hours for staff. We build on collaborations with the neighbourhood house, community garden, and the film society.